Meet the Team

Our Team

Take a look at the team guiding the vision and mission of Cream Capital.

Brett Westbrook
Co-Founder, CEO

Brett is a software development and marketing professional. He is responsible for overseeing core business operations and executing in public facing operations. Formerly the CEO of a Texas-based digital marketing and software development firm and President of a marketing non-profit organization.

Manish Patel J.D.
Co-Founder, CFO

Manish is a real estate investor from Southern California. He is responsible for maintaining and expanding the company distribution network. Formerly served as the founder of Cream World Realty and CreamBnB vacation rentals.

Narcis Ciobotariu
Co-Founder, CTO

Narcis is responsible for overseeing and developing Cream Capital hardware and software systems. He is formerly a software engineer at Garmin developing, designing, securing and maintaining core customer data services and central authentication systems. He is currently pursuing his masters degree in Distributed Systems at Babeș-Bolyai University.

Ghostface Killah
Co-Founder, CBO

Ghostface Killah is a member of the legendary Wu-Tang Clan. He serves as the Chief Branding Officer to the company and maintains a focus on increasing brand awareness and strength.

Parth Chandra, LL.M
Chief Legal Officer

Parth Chandra (PC) serves as the Chief Legal Officer for Cream Capital. He earned his Master's degree from Wake Forest University with a focus in Internet Law, Data Privacy, Intellectual Property, International Trade, and Entertainment Law. He previously worked in the Supreme Court of India. He developed the Daily Laws India android app with over 75,000 active users and was an internationally ranked chess player by the World Chess Federation.

Jeffrey Millen
Chief Information Officer

Jeff is a systems administrator and serves as the Chief Information Officer for Cream Capital. He previously worked with one of the largest IT companies in Texas serving hundreds of large clients including hospitals, government facilities and more. His work capacity is in developing and maintaining Cream Capital hardware systems and mining operations.

Advisory Board

Learn about those advising Cream Capital in expansion efforts.

Gary Wu
Partner at Godia Capital Partners

Gary serves as an advisor to Cream Capital's business and logistics operations. He formerly served as the CEO of Volvo China and the Executive Vice President of Volvo Asia.

Morgan Lester
Senior Developer at DocuSign

Morgan serves as an advisor to Cream Capital's tech operations and development. He currently works at DocuSign with a focus on front-end development and UI/UX design.

Parker Emmerson
President at The Bitcoin Dispensary

Parker serves as an advisor to Cream Capital's distribution systems. He is a blockchain enthusiast, mathematician and has been awarded patents in software.

Amir Deen
Solutions Architect at IBM

Amir serves as an advisor to Cream Capital's business development operations.