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The world’s most stable cryptocurrency.

Cream Cash is a cryptocurrency built using Ethereum blockchain technology. Intended to be used frequently for everyday transactions, the total supply of tokens fluctuates depending on the token’s current market capitalization.

One Cream Cash will always be the equivalent of one United States dollar.


White Paper

Cream Cash inherits the consensus of the Ethereum platform. After the Metropolis fork, it will run as a hybrid PoW/PoS token.


By increasing and decreasing the supply of tokens in accordance to the market cap, Cream Cash will always be equal to the United States dollar.


Cream Cash can be exchanged online through the Cream Asset Management Platform or on-location with Campsites (cryptocurrency ATMs).


Spend Cream Cash easily using a debit card synchronized with your wallet.

Cream Generation

Simply holding Cream Cash ($CASH) will continuously generate Cream ($CREAM). Cream holders will enjoy reduced fees at Campsites and additional transactability.

ERC-223 Token Standard

Cream Cash is an ERC-223 token.

Manage your assets on the blockchain.

Cream is an ERC-223 token with a limited supply meant to provide an additional transactability and incentives within our systems for Cream Cash adopters. Earn Cream by simply owning Cream Cash.

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