Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Answering common questions surrounding Cream Capital and our technology.

What is Cream Cash ($CASH)?

Cream Cash is our flagship token that maintains a 1 to 1 value synchronization with US dollars. 1 CASH = 1 USD.

What is Cream ($CREAM)?

Cream is a utility token meant to serve as an additional layer of transactability within our ecosystem and provides discounts in our cryptocurrency ATM network.

How does $CASH remain volatility-free?

Cream Cash has an uncapped, fluctuating token supply. When money enters the market, the token supply is updated and tokens are then generated and deposited into the user wallet. Depositing one dollar worth of Ether with Cream Capital will result in one token being issued. When converting tokens back to Ether, the tokens in question are then destroyed. In doing so, the number of tokens always reflects the number of dollars currently in the market and ensures the value of tokens remains in 1:1 synchronization with US dollars.

What's the point of a 1:1 cryptocurrency?

We’re creating a 1:1 cryptocurrency because market volatility is scary for investors and vendors. It’s risky to accept a token that can drop 20% in value the day after you acquire it. A solution to volatility is a step in the right direction towards widespread adoption of cryptocurrencies.

How is $CASH issued?

Tokens are issued by a smart contract. When funds are deposited with Cream Capital, tokens get issued in return. When funds are withdrawn from Cream Capital, tokens get destroyed. Tokens are generated by purchasing them on-location at Campsites across the United States or online through the web/mobile CAMP software.

Cream Cash can be purchased using Ether.

Why is a 1:1 cryptocurrency like $CASH important?

Cream Cash is being developed as a volatility-free token intended to be used for every day transactions. Merchants and new adopters are generally put off by volatility in crypto markets. It is risky for merchants to accept tokens with the thought that by tomorrow morning, the cryptocurrency accepted at the point of sale could lose 10% of its value.

Cream Cash helps alleviate the risk factor and the FUD surrounding crypto being used in an commercial setting.

How are $CREAM tokens issued?

Cream is continuously generated by token holders that keep Cream Cash in supported wallets. No mining or staking required. Simply hold Cream Cash and the Cream will be generated.

Are your tokens Proof-of-Work or Proof-of-Stake?

Our tokens inherit the consensus algorithm of the Ethereum blockchain.

How many ATMs do you currently have?

We currently have six machines operational in North Carolina with immediate plans to expand into California and Texas.

What tokens and coins are for sale at your ATMs?

Right now we only support Bitcoin. However, we are adding support for Cream Cash, Cream, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash and Zcash.

How long does it take to buy tokens at the ATM?

Digital exchanges in their current state are inefficient in their time-to-wallet transfer times. They aren’t limited due to network hashrate hiccups, but more typically slow verification processing timeframes. Digital exchange verification can take a while to process before customers can purchase funds. With the introduction of Cream ATMs customers can simply walk up to a machine, scan their government issued ID in states that require it, scan a wallet address and deposit funds.

The time-to-wallet timeframe at a Cream ATM takes seconds not days, weeks, or months.

What role does Ghostface Killah play in Cream Capital?

Ghostface Killah serves as a vessel to increase brand awareness surrounding Cream Capital and cryptocurrencies. He plays a very active role in the day-to-day business operations and direction of the company. He understands the fundamentals of blockchain technology and the importance and gravity of the technology. He is not a random celebrity that is lending his name to a project. Wu-Tang is for the children and the children will use the blockchain.